Welcome to the new format of your EEHUB newsletter. I have made a few changes around here so just want the opportunity to explain them.

Until recently I had a website I used to update with EECMS news, I used to manually create all the newsletters in CampaignMonitor using an RSS feed. I used to have notes and bookmarks scribbled everywhere. I had to have hosting, pay for any marketing etc. You can see where I'm going with this. It was a chore, a large unpaid chore. I needed to do some 'Life Admin' because as youthful as you may all think I look, I'm not getting any younger ಠ_ಠ

So I made the decision to consolidate all of these chores into one channel using a great service called Curated. You're likely subscribed to a newsletter using this service already.

I managed to pull in the last 60 issues of EEHUB so you have access to these in the searchable archives. I will also have some sponsorship opportunities coming up in the next newsletter. I'll post details on our Twitter account soon regards this if interested.

Managing the newsletter is now a whole lot easier and you are going to be getting the same great #eecms content every week. Hope you all continue to enjoy.

John Henry