EEHUB is distributed to a dedicated community of ExpressionEngine users every week. Every issue contains hand curated #eecms links from around the web. For an example of EEHUB's content, see the latest issue or check out the EEHUB archives.

Every EEHUB issue has sponsorship in 3 sections

A Featured Sponsored spot that's highlighted and featured prominently. Your sponsorship includes a headline, a short paragraph of text, an image and a click through URL where readers can learn more about you.

We have 3 listings available for our Jobs section towards end of issue. Job sponsorship spots include a headline, a short paragraph of text and a click through URL.

Lastly there are also 3 Sponsored Links which include a headline and a click through URL featuring at the end of the issue.

Next available dates for sponsorship are




  • Issue 73


  • Issue 74


Issues which are shown as Provisionally Booked have been reserved but the booking is not final. If you are interested in one of these weeks or you would like to reserve a date that is not listed here, then please get in touch.


  • Just like the non-sponsored content in the email, each sponsored link should be highly relevant to ExpressionEngine. Links which are not relevant will not be accepted.
  • Your sponsored link will appear in one email distributed to all subscribers and also permanently linked in the archived issue on the web site. We will also add your company's logo to our Previous Sponsors section that will link to your website.
  • You get to write the headline for the link and the short paragraph of text which will go underneath it. I will then review, proof-read and make suggestions on your sponsored link copy for deliverability.
  • Sponsorships are reserved and paid for in advance of publication. Payment can be made via Stripe or by bank transfer. Payment must be made in full before the sponsored link is included in an issue. Invoices are available and will be sent via email.